부산맛집 Diverse restaurant cultures around the world

Diverse restaurant cultures around the world

Dinner in the sky

A restaurant not suitable for the faint of heart or those suffering from dizziness. Lunch or dinner 60 meters high in this suspended restaurant with a breathtaking perspective on the cities that host it. A single table with 22 seats and a starred culinary expert to eat even the clouds. Dinner in the sky is present in 30 countries throughout the planet; ask the office where to find them and all the info.

Labassin Waterfall Restaurant

A restaurant in touch with nature and water, designed and studied with a minimal hope to have an immediate interaction with water and nature. The restaurant is situated at the foot of the Labassin Falls in the Philippines and will offer you an exciting spectacle. You will encounter it at Villa Escudero Waterfall Restaurant San Pablo City, Philippines.

Barbie Cafe

High-obeyed tables, tea kettle-shaped chandeliers, tutu chairs, wreathed waiter, and a goliath Barbie box for customer display. All strictly pink. Welcome to Taiwan Barbie Cafe at 106, Taipei City, Da’an District, Section 4, Zhongxiao.

It’s the pig

This restaurant in Florence has discarded disgusting cash for its transactions. It is possible, indeed an obligation, to pay for dinner with various objects and goods, ideally objects of artistic craftsmanship and affirmed food products—a plan to beat the crisis and return to the old with a bargain. If you pass by Florence, you will find it in Via Agnolo Poliziano, 7r.


부산맛집 Perhaps the most famous restaurant that applies the “Clothing Optional Dinner,” the fashion of dining exposed is situated in New York, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Indeed, a strange yet successful solution, judging by the reservations and long waiting lists for a table. Taboo to bashful and moralists, customers must strip off everything and sit bare at the reserved table as soon as you enter the restaurant. No embarrassment; the cuisine is phenomenal.

Present-day Toilet Restaurant

Who has never needed to dine serenely seated on a toilet? You are in the ideal spot. In this restaurant, the seats are toilets, the tables have the shape of bathtubs, and the napkins are strictly made of toilet paper. If I were you, I would stay away from chocolate sweets … no one can say for sure! You will find the Modern Toilet Restaurant in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.

Foreign Cinema

Cinema lovers are welcome in this San Francisco restaurant: its leading service is indeed to serve the gourmet expert’s delicious dishes while watching arthouse films projected on a giant screen. You will find it at 2534 Mission Street, San Francisco, California, USA.


This restaurant was a genuine masterpiece of standard architecture; this restaurant worked from wood as a classic treehouse in the English countryside in Alnwick. To access it, you need to cross a small wooden scaffold illuminated by white lights, a novel suggestion to get back to immerse yourself in nature. The Treehouse is situated at The Alnwick Garden, Denwick Lane, Alnwick, Northumberland, UK.

Dans le noir

Have you at any point attempted to eat totally in obscurity? A specific and exceptionally satisfying sensory experience that sharpens the senses and stimulates the imagination. At Dans le noir, a Parisian restaurant between Les Halles and Beaubourg, you can dive into the darkness to savor the gourmet specialist’s dishes. You will find it in Paris at 51 Rue Quincampoix.

The Rock

One of the most exclusive restaurants on the planet is situated in Zanzibar, in Michanvi Pingwe. Until 2010, a simple nearby fisherman’s cottage was redesigned and transformed into this specific restaurant on an island accessible exclusively by small fishing boats.


Go submerged and respect the coral reef and fish without masks and fins? You can, in addition, sitting easily at the tables and enjoying exclusive dishes. At the Ithaa restaurant on the island of Rangali in the Maldives, found totally under the sea surface, you will have a 180 ° perspective on the submerged world. Unique.

Palazzese cave

This superb restaurant is situated in Polignano a Mare, in Puglia. It is situated inside a magnificent standard cavern, open to general society from May to October, with a splendid view straightforwardly on the sea. Grotta Palazzese awaits you in by means of Narciso 59 in Polignano a Mare.

Coronary episode Grill

A commonplace American fast food restaurant in Las Vegas, with one particularity: the extra (truly extra!) Size of its sandwiches. Assuming you need to risk a coronary episode to attempt one of these mega sandwiches, you will find Heart Attack Grill at 450 Fremont Street, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.


For hand-to-hand fighting lovers, an unmissable restaurant. In the Tribeca neighborhood of New York, the Ninja is the solitary spot on the planet where you are served by genuine ninjas, who entertain customers with discharge games, combative techniques performances, explosive foods, and fighting with edged weapons. The Ninja is situated at 25 Hudson Street, New York, NY, United States.

From’s Baggers

This Nuremberg restaurant has eliminated a vital figure in each restaurant: the waiters. Customers place orders utilizing a touch screen. The dishes slide straightforwardly from the kitchen (situated over the main dining room) through the various floors and rooms of the building on metal rails, stopping before the customers.

The Refuges des Fondues

Fondue paradise is situated in Montmartre, Paris. In this spot, a wide range of fondue is served, cooked in all ways, and drank… wine in bottles. A stroll in Montmartre and an exceptionally special dinner at Refuges des Fondues in Rue des Trois Frères 17, Paris, France.

De Kas

An exceptionally usual spot for history, tradition, and area. This structure dating back to 1926 was the greenhouse of the old Amsterdam nursery, destined to be destroyed. In 2001, notwithstanding, the starred gourmet specialist Gert Jan Hageman redesigned it, transforming it into De Kas, a restaurant surrounded by a vegetable nursery, or as he defines it, “a kitchen surrounded by fruitful soil where herbs and vegetables develop.” Every one of the ingredients with which the dishes are arranged becomes straightforwardly here. Find the De Kas at Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Al Mahara

One of the symbols of Dubai is the Burj Al Arab skyscraper (known as “the sail” for its futuristic shape), and inside it is this particular restaurant. Inside, it seems to be in an extra-extravagance submarine, with an enormous aquarium in the focal point of the room (with fish, everything being equal) and roundabout ceilings and corridors.

Le Barachois

In Mauritius, within the 5-star resort Le Prince Maurice, this spot consists of five wooden platforms floating in a mangrove tidal pond, which can oblige up to forty individuals. The menu consists of meat and fish and Mauritian specialties, and you dine before lovely sunsets with the profile of the island’s mountains behind the scenes. Be mindful so as not to fall into the water, however: the Johnny shark, mascot of the resort, swim in the waters of the tidal pond underneath!

ATMsfera Milan

Two portable restaurants that will take you around the city by rail, discovering its beauties. The ATMsfera 1 and ATMsfera 2 are indeed two trams, revamped and completely practical, changed over into restaurants, with slightly retro interiors, with 24 seats accessible in 2 or 4-seater tables, with a decision of meat, fish, and vegan menus. The flight for dinners is from Piazza Castello, Milan.

Treepod Dining

On the island of Koh Kood, Thailand, inside the Soneva Kiri Resort, you can find this incredible spot. Altogether, inherent bamboo has the shape that recalls a bird’s nest and, as such, is situated on top of a tree, six meters high. It can oblige a limit of four individuals, and the waiters move along the zip line to serve at the tables. Sea view, harmony, and unwinding are suspended in the sky of this Thai island paradise.

Alice Restaurant

In case you’re an admirer of Alice in Wonderland’s story, this Tokyo, Japan restaurant is your paradise. The restaurant’s setting is inspired by the book/animation with goliath cups, playing cards, books that review the characters, from the Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts, the Sfregatto, and others. Indeed, even the plates have an Alice-inspired design: be mindful so as not to become mixed up in the labyrinth!


In the port of Iisalmi, this restaurant in Finland competes with the “Solo perdue” in Vaccine (Ri) and at the Hotel Schloss Mönchstein in Salzburg for the record as the smallest restaurant on the planet. Inside there are just two individuals (four when the great weather allows you to use the outdoor patio), as well as a waiter and the gourmet specialist. It can be reserved uniquely in June, July, and August.

El Diablo

This spot in Lanzarote, in the Canaries, owes its name to the well of lava on which it is fabricated. Its peculiarity, truth be told, lies in the way that the regular warmth that rises from the underground office of the spring of gushing lava is used for cooking meat and other dishes on the barbecue. A firmly “green” restaurant, yet rest assured because the last ejection of the Diablo dates back to 1824. You can partake in your meat cooked “on the fountain of liquid magma” at your leisure.


If you are insane enough, you can attempt this restaurant in Tokyo, with a blended appearance between the American super-prison and a psychiatric hospital. You will eat in a cell surrounded by skulls and corpses, with drinks served in drips and test tubes and waitresses dressed as nurses, in a dismal and disturbing atmosphere—ideal for breaking the everyday routine. We should expect that the keys to the cells are not lost …

The Snow Restaurant

How about we return to cold Finland to discover this spot, made entirely of ice and snow. We are inside the LumiLinnis Snow Castle in Kemi, a castle cut in the snow, with excellent cut rooms, distinctive consistently, and inside this restaurant open for lunch and dinner. The furnishings, furniture, and all parts of the room are made of sculpted snow and ice, and to sit down, you will have soft reindeer skins at your disposal. Prepare yourself well, and you will stay cool; however, you will encounter incredible sensations!


From the cold of Finland to the warmth of Dubai and the wonders of Burj Khalifa, one of the most spectacular skyscrapers in the emirate. Here, on the 122nd floor, is the Atmosphere Restaurant and Lounge, the highest restaurant on the planet. The dishes served are exceptionally refined, and you can partake in an incredible 360 ° perspective on the city and the sea, glimpsing out from the windows of the room. A little expensive, however undoubtedly charming.